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Best Practice in Business Development  

We develop businesses

Our high impact, low cost programmes for individual businesses and groups of businesses help them pose and answer the four key questions which define their potential, the means to its realisation and how to make sure it actually happens.

We develop business advisers

For advisers the key is to gain quick and effective insight into where a business is, where it might be and what it has to do to get there. Our diagnostic and segmentation tool has been used to train thousands of advisory personnel to undertake their role.

We develop business support organisations

Our segmentation tool helps define the eight core segments of the business support market, their attendant
agendas and pertinent responses thereto. It provides a perfect platform for marketing, service development
and service delivery by business support organisations.

We develop economies

Our framework for understanding how businesses add value, how much value they add, the implications for competitiveness and its sustainability and for adding more value underpins our approach to economic development at local, regional, national and sector levels.

Competitive Advantage